Landing the Role of Kate

A chronicle of my actventures

Real Life Getting in the Way

As it turns out, I will be leaving Orlando to go back to Portland in five days, and will be on call for the contract in Florida. This means I had to tell the crew at Vengeance that I’m not going to be able to be in the film.

The good news, I got my head shots back. Once I’m back in Portland, I will rendezvous with Trisha to decide on which ones are the best. Though I did stick one up on the blog as you probably noticed. She’s also going to help me decide on which workshop to take in Portland and give my acting résumé a look-over.

Speaking of my résumé, I figured that I should give you a summary of my previous acting experience. Yes, I do have some. Check it out after the cut. Continue reading


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First role: Thug’s Girlfriend

I got my first role. Sort of crazy.

Went on to search for talent needs, low and behold there are some. The film is called Vengeance and it’s about two brothers. One becomes a professional fighter, then gets killed. The other then seeks revenge to kill his brother’s killer. Thug, which is pronounced “Tug”, is the guy who kills the professional fighter brother. My role is basically to just stand there and react to the scene in which there is an attempted attack on Thug. I’m also an extra in a club scene.

I was quite skeptical at first when I emailed the director from the craigslist ad. Even the movie’s website is a little sketch. But they had an all-hands production meeting this morning, so I went and it was actually quite normal and extremely well organized.

It’s pretty exciting. The cast is huge for a teeny tiny budget film. There are tons of fight scenes, so there’s a stunt coordinator and full stunt team. The Stunt Coordinator owns and runs a martial arts studio, and most of the fighting is going to be martial arts. Some of the leads are coming from out of state, and everyone had to sign legal agreements. So, overall a legit production. Filming kicks off in January.


Brief life overview: Can’t get work in Portland, but my old company called me to work a contract in Orlando, FL. I am down there until the contract ends. That’s why I’m able to be involved with the film even though it is in Orlando.

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Head Shots!

Got my head shots done today! It was very exciting. Jon Painter is a great guy and a great photographer. He didn’t have a second light, so we worked with the sunlight. Because of this he gave me the shoot as a freebie, which was excellent for my lack of funds.

I should get the photos back in a week because he has to go out of town for a location scouting trip. Hopefully the photos turn out well. It was my first photo shoot ever, which Jon seemed surprised about. That’s a good sign, right?

I’ll admit that it was a little weird at first trying to look somewhat sexy for Jon, mostly because he’s good friends with my boyfriend.  Once I told him to give me some more direction, things went into professional mode and I was able to just focus on the camera and getting the shots I needed.

Will post the better ones once I get them back and sort through them.


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Oh, the tangled webs we weave

As with all industries, especially creative industries, networking is essential to landing work. Thankfully, I’ve already got a small push in that direction. Even though I’ve only been in Portland for a measly six months, I’ve managed to find an amazing friend, Trisha, who happens to be an actor for a living. As my only female friend here, she truly has been a lifesaver. An enthusiast of my idea, she has been 100% supportive. She even coined what I’m doing as an actventure. Now I just need to meet all her actor friends.

Also on the list is my wonderful boyfriend, Bob, sports television producer extraordinaire and owner of Green Cat Creative (website’s under construction). His storytelling abilities are exceptional and he knows plenty of people in town in TV. Which will come in handy when I finish writing my screenplay and have Bob produce it.

Screenplay? Learn more after the cut. Continue reading

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The Plan

No goal can be achieved without a plan. So with the help of my awesome actor friend, I have begun to loosely form mine.

  1. Get head shots
  2. Write out resume
  3. Participate in lo/no budget films
  4. Audition for lo/no budget films that offer catering (a step up)
  5. Take acting for screen workshop
  6. Keep auditioning and auditioning and auditioning (and hopefully landing something)
  7. Begin quest for an agent once enough experience is built up
  8. Get agent
  9. Express interest in auditioning for Kate
  10. Audition for Kate
  11. Get part of Kate

We’ll see how it goes. Number 1 and 2 are already under way, so that’s good news.


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