Landing the Role of Kate

A chronicle of my actventures

First role: Thug’s Girlfriend

I got my first role. Sort of crazy.

Went on to search for talent needs, low and behold there are some. The film is called Vengeance and it’s about two brothers. One becomes a professional fighter, then gets killed. The other then seeks revenge to kill his brother’s killer. Thug, which is pronounced “Tug”, is the guy who kills the professional fighter brother. My role is basically to just stand there and react to the scene in which there is an attempted attack on Thug. I’m also an extra in a club scene.

I was quite skeptical at first when I emailed the director from the craigslist ad. Even the movie’s website is a little sketch. But they had an all-hands production meeting this morning, so I went and it was actually quite normal and extremely well organized.

It’s pretty exciting. The cast is huge for a teeny tiny budget film. There are tons of fight scenes, so there’s a stunt coordinator and full stunt team. The Stunt Coordinator owns and runs a martial arts studio, and most of the fighting is going to be martial arts. Some of the leads are coming from out of state, and everyone had to sign legal agreements. So, overall a legit production. Filming kicks off in January.


Brief life overview: Can’t get work in Portland, but my old company called me to work a contract in Orlando, FL. I am down there until the contract ends. That’s why I’m able to be involved with the film even though it is in Orlando.


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