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Acting in Film: Breaking it Down Part 3

Hello, hello! Here we go in part 3 of the wonderful Breaking it Down [Vanity Fair style]* series for Michael Caine’s Acting in Film: An Actor’s take on Movie Making.

Before we begin I wanted to give some of my favorite lines by Michael Caine, just for fun.

“Never.” – Alfred, Batman Begins

“Some people just want to watch the world burn.” – Alfred, The Dark Knight

(okay, so I really like the new Batmans. I do like him in Hannah and Her Sisters too, but I don’t go about quoting his lines from that on a daily basis.)

Follow the cut for the break down of chapter 3. Continue reading


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Acting in Film: Breaking It Down Part 2

As mentioned in part 1 of the series, I’m going to give chapter-by-chapter reviews of the acting books that Trisha gave me to read. I was going to skip ahead to the one about cold readings, but since I’m on audition hiatus at the moment, I’m continuing on with Michael Caine’s book.

So, here is part 2 of the Michael Caine’s Acting in Film: An Actor’s Take on Movie Making breaking it down* series. I’m covering chapter 2 today. Read about it after the cut. Continue reading

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Sorry for the M.I.A. (not the music group)

Hello, hello! Sorry I’ve been missing in action. My visitor stats are down to 1 person today (thanks, sis!). I have a major deadline tomorrow for the contract I’m working so I’ve been putting in a lot of hours, which doesn’t mean I haven’t had time to write. It means that I haven’t had to time to do any work towards my fledgling acting career to actually write about. Most unfortunate.

On the bright side of things, I’ve been non-stop rocking out to Tegan and Sara and The Faint via, and I discovered Ritz toasted chips and Welch’s passion fruit juice. Oh, and I’m getting a paycheck again. All great things. But let’s get down to business and talk about all the website databases you have to sign up for when you’re trying to get acting gigs (notably paid ones). Continue reading

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Glamour isn’t showbiz, baby, it’s a magazine

I think I’ve finally figured out why Trisha is so enthusiastic about my actventures, which most people simply laugh at when I talk about them. We were reading through the different films I’d found on craigslist to audition for, and one of them (I won’t say which one) was a bit odd of an ad. The director kept trying to defend the fact he wasn’t going to compensate anyone (besides food and credit, of course). You listed your film on craigslist, man, of course no one is expecting pay. If we expected pay we’d be only searching or going through an agency. Everyone has to start somewhere, and usually that place doesn’t involve pay.

Trisha groaned and rolled her eyes when reading the ad. Find out why after the cut. Continue reading

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It’s Up In The Air

So, it finally happened (I say that like I’ve been pursuing this goal for a while, whereas, in the scheme of things, it’s been literally no time at all). I got an audition. It’s for the film Pull Stop, which starts filming in early July in the Portland area. The part I’m auditioning for is the part of Tamara, the character that was written as developmentally delayed. The producers sent me the portion of the script they want me to read. Nothing too difficult, and I like the character.

So, what’s up in the air? Follow the cut to find out.

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