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A chronicle of my actventures

Glamour isn’t showbiz, baby, it’s a magazine

I think I’ve finally figured out why Trisha is so enthusiastic about my actventures, which most people simply laugh at when I talk about them. We were reading through the different films I’d found on craigslist to audition for, and one of them (I won’t say which one) was a bit odd of an ad. The director kept trying to defend the fact he wasn’t going to compensate anyone (besides food and credit, of course). You listed your film on craigslist, man, of course no one is expecting pay. If we expected pay we’d be only searching or going through an agency. Everyone has to start somewhere, and usually that place doesn’t involve pay.

Trisha groaned and rolled her eyes when reading the ad. Find out why after the cut.

“These people annoy me!” She exclaimed, “They want to pitch it like it’s art, like it’s ‘for the art.’ It’s a business, and they just forget that and try to make the other people involved with their project feel like they’re doing something better because they’re ‘making art’. It’s such a load of crap.” I agreed. She went on. “That’s what I like about you doing this. You aren’t expecting it to be art, you’re expecting it to be business.”

Well, it is business. Show business. It’s not glamorous, it’s a pain in the butt. Long hours, unpredictable schedules, tired and curt people, and no guarantees. But that’s what you’re signing up for when you get into it. Unless you’re going to become a big star, there aren’t that many perks. But I’m fine with that, because all I want to do is play this one role. If I can get more roles—more paid work—through this whole endeavor, then fantastic. But I’m not expecting it.


And speaking of Glamour, are you guys going to take my article or not? I need to know so I can pitch it elsewhere if necessary.


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  1. true, true

    Comment by kseverny | January 12, 2010 | Reply

  2. So you know what you’re getting yourself into and are still willing to do it? Wow!

    Comment by Bleriana | January 15, 2010 | Reply

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