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At least it’s working

I got my first offer from! Well, sort of. Basically the site works where you get on the database, casting directors look through the database or indicate what type they are looking for, and if you’re identified as someone who fits the bill, ExtrasOnly shoots you a message (well, 2 texts and an email in my case) asking if you’re available. This doesn’t mean you’ll get cast, just wondering if you’re available for the date. If you say yes, then you are eligible to be cast, but you still might not get the gig.

Anyway, they asked me if I was available for a Fred Meyer commercial (Fred Meyer is a grocery store), which would’ve been fun, but unfortunately they were shooting on 1/31 and I am still not back in Portland. It was disappointing, especially since I think it may have been at the one near my house (it’s a really big/new store). Oh well.

So why have I been out of commission for forever in blogger world? Find out after the cut.

 Basically the contract I’m working went into massive overtime mode. I’ve just been putting in a lot of hours and not sleeping enough. Today is a slow day, as was yesterday, so I’m finally getting to just calm down and catch up on my online life… er, and my real life. I have another 2 weeks of this contract, and then it’s back to the PacNW. So, I may disappear for a little bit again.

During these few days of down time, I’m going to finally get it together and submit my headshots to be printed. I’m also going to finish up my screenplay. My cool sister helped me figure out an ending, so now I can finally get it done. Once I’m back in Portland, hopefully my boyfriend and I can look into producing it. Not a huge cast by any means.

I’m also planning to get back on craigslist looking for gigs since I’ll be available for them soon. My mailing lists are pulling through with lots of relevant work, and even some crew/production gigs that I pass on to my boyfriend. So, that’s good. At least it’s working. Hopefully auditions and gigs will follow the openings.

Signing off.



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  1. shouts out to me! yesssssssssss! Good luck with your long hours! :-( Im sure another extra job will come up soon!

    Comment by Rachel B | February 4, 2010 | Reply

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