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Whew. This week went by in a blur. One day I was laughing at the questions on America’s Next Top Model application and devising my answers, then suddenly it’s today and I’ve got two job interviews scheduled for next week, am relooking over my lines for the web series shoot tomorrow, cleaned the bathroom thoroughly in anticipation for my sister’s visit, and started a short story for a writing contest. And I’m waiting on someone else to get in touch with me about a potential audition Sunday for a TV series and just emailed someone else for a small part in a feature film shoot tomorrow (that may or may not conflict with my evening shoot, so it could be a no go. Plus I might too young for what they’re looking for). Sunday I start my acting class. That’s really exciting. I don’t have much more to add. Just feeling busy, which is a relief from the doldrums of unemployment. The days can just blend together in a lethargic way. Now I have something to wake up for and go do!

Hope everyone’s doing well.


Oh! I finished both the acting books, so I get final reviews up when I get a chance.


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America’s Next Top Model

So, I’ve decided to go to the open casting call for America’s Next Top Model. I don’t think I’ll make it onto the show, but if I do, the goal is to get to be in the top 6 so that I can get a free trip abroad. The top 6 almost always get to go somewhere abroad (yes, I watch the show. Not religiously, but enough). Obviously winning would be a goal, but let’s not kid ourselves here, just making it into the semi-finals of getting onto the show will be hard enough. The main problem is the height restriction. To be eligible you have to be 5’7″ or taller, which I am not. However, the nomenclature is actually as follows:

(PLEASE NOTE:  You must be AT OR ABOVE five feet and seven inches [5’7”] in height to be
eligible, although Producers reserve the right to make case-by-case exceptions.  However, the
Producers are looking for a variety of models, including plus size models.)

So, while I am not quite 5’7″, perhaps I can make it into the “case-by-case exception”. One never knows! Continue reading

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Jesus High Fived Me

Well, I had my first official shoot yesterday. It was a lot of fun! You may be wondering how this could be since the web series shoots this coming Friday. Well, it was for a commercial! A last minute need for extras and I said, “Why not?” So, there I went off to a gorgeous day of standing around outside on a river bank in Biblical era dress. It was actually a spec commercial, not a real one, so it won’t ever air. The production crew is hoping to book commercials, so they’re making a spec reel of ads for various companies. This one was of Nike. Details and some new info about the Breaking Dawn movie after the cut. Continue reading

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Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This

I’m back from my audition and I’m at a loss for words. First, let’s say two things: 1) I didn’t actually audition 2) He’d already cast the role (you know, the one he said I was perfect for).

I’m going to recount some of the experience to you, but first I need to give you a brief look at some of my personal history. I know I never get personal on here, which is intentional, but today it is absolutely necessary. Why? I don’t want you to miss what a fantastic experience I had today. I want you to be able to relate in some way. I wish you all could’ve been there and we could’ve grabbed coffee afterward and laughed together. If it seems like I’m sounding pretentious or something like that, good. Let’s get into that frame of mind. ::wink wink:: Continue reading

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Cold With A Chance of Reading

Okay, super lame title today, but I’m feeling chilly and I have another audition tomorrow that is, you guessed it, a cold reading. It’s my first cold reading audition (I know I’ve only been to one audition, but I did prepare for that other audition as the developmentally delayed character despite not actually going to it). Let’s just say I’m really nervous.

More after the cut. Continue reading

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