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Audition Today!

I have an audition today! It’s for a web seres pilot. Wish me luck.

In other news, the Leverage date got pushed back one day and I won’t be able to go! I was really mad about this, but Trisha talked me down explaining that they’ll be shooting for 6 months and they’ll need extras again. It’s just disappointing because it had the potential of becoming reoccurring, and now if it is, I won’t be part of the original group of extras. Oh well. Such is the business I suppose.

I started the book on Cold Readings. Nothing too thrilling so far. Will do a break down of it. I think I might just do the whole book at once though. This doesn’t mean I’ve finished the Michael Caine book, but just that it seems I might need to be reading the audition book now that I’m auditioning.

Might do an update later to let you know how the audition went… or how I thought it went anyway.


***UPDATE*** (after the cut)

It went well. It seemed like a few friends finally putting something together, which is sort of the premise of the show. But they have a creative director, which is always promising. The part I auditioned for is basically the really naive girl who gets into bad situations without realizing it.

We did a practice run through of the scene I’d be in with the other actor (the main character) and then did the actual read. They were impressed I’d memorized my lines… I said something like, “There’s not that many to learn.” I mean, really? Who comes into an audition having been given material and hasn’t learned it forwards and backwards?

The main thing I noticed that I did was that, especially in the first run through, I was listening to him say his lines and not really reacting during them (like I was just waiting for him to finish). That’s a no-no in Michael Caine’s book. So, in the actual take I tried to remember to do that, and I think I did. Beforehand I didn’t really learn the other lines, which Caine suggests. That really helps to make you listen to the other actor and in turn react, rather than waiting for cues (even though I still messed that up). Another hard part of the audition was the lack of blocking and action to act as a cue for one of my lines. So, they’d just stare at me like “Are you gonna say it?” then I’d remember to say it. Oops.

It wasn’t really a formal audition, everything was very relaxed and they just had the camera set up inconspicuously filming the whole time. Anyway, all in all, fun and entertaining, and I noticed something I need to improve on (yay for Michael Caine!). They said there’s a few more auditions Monday and then they’ll let everyone know. Filming starts late March and I’d only be in one scene, so it’d just be one night of shooting for me.

Okay, adios again.



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