Landing the Role of Kate

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And the winner is…

So, just like almost every other blog in the world, of course I have to throw in an Oscars theme today. But instead of discussing the crossing at the waist, long trained, soft colored dresses and how my boyfriend loves Michael Giacchino even more after his speech and how lovely I find Michael Sheen (er, whoops, how did that slip in there?), I’m going to keep it to topic of this blog.

So, who is the winner then? Find out after the cut.

ME! Okay, not an Oscar, obviously (and most likely never an Oscar, unless it’s for screenwriting…), but a role! I got the part I auditioned for and my scene shoots on the 26th. So, I finally have something that I will actually be in town for and that actually has lines. They sent me an email and said, “We were impressed with your take on the character and would love for you to play the part.” Not sure what ‘my take’ on the character was, since I was just going with what they said, but I guess I did put a tiny bit of thought into it. For instance, in the script her lines are a little seductive, but the producers indicated they wanted the character to be naive, not slutty. So, instead of reading it like a ditzy slut, I read it with a more straightforward voice. In films like American Pie or Role Models, there’s usually a slutty girl or two that wants to hook up with a main character (Sean William Scott in these cases). I read it not like that, if that makes any sense.

Confession: Talking about what thoughts I put into this feels so ridiculous. It’s actually still very… embarrassing isn’t the right word, but something like that, for me to be acting. I can’t even read my lines when my boyfriend is in the room. I feel ridiculous. I’m wondering when I’ll get over that. As it stands, it’s easiest to go into my car and read lines there! Haha, and I’m not even joking. But, as Tim Gunn says, just make it work.

And, when if all else fails, I can just do LARPing. Actually there was an ad on craigslist for Medieval zombie extras for a shoot in Astoria (which is where part of The Goonies was shot). I was really into it until I read that you had to own your own costume. Really? How disappointing. My little cousin is an amazing seamstress and used to make Renaissance gowns, too bad she doesn’t live here so I could borrow a dress. Except they’d probably want to rip it up to be zombie-like, and she probably wouldn’t want that to happen to one of her pieces. (BTW: Last I heard, she and my aunt have an Etsy profile at but it’s handbags not dresses.)

There’s a couple of things listed today on craigslist that I’m going to apply to, so I am off to go do that. And I have to finish my screenplay… you know, so it can win Best Live Action Short in 2011. ;)



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  1. Congrats!!! You should have called me! By the way, that “little” cousin isnt so little anymore! She’s 21 & engaged. But, I bet she would still make you some Ren garb if needed. :-)

    Comment by Rachel B | March 8, 2010 | Reply

    • I know she’s not little! Thanks. I will call you next time :)

      Comment by lorenagay | March 8, 2010 | Reply

  2. Nice going!
    I love your little experiment…

    Comment by Tanguy | March 8, 2010 | Reply

  3. Aww, that’s wonderful! i hope it’s fun & that it’ll help you on your way! p.s. i like your “take on it” too!

    Comment by ambushed by twilight | March 9, 2010 | Reply

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