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Jesus High Fived Me

Well, I had my first official shoot yesterday. It was a lot of fun! You may be wondering how this could be since the web series shoots this coming Friday. Well, it was for a commercial! A last minute need for extras and I said, “Why not?” So, there I went off to a gorgeous day of standing around outside on a river bank in Biblical era dress. It was actually a spec commercial, not a real one, so it won’t ever air. The production crew is hoping to book commercials, so they’re making a spec reel of ads for various companies. This one was of Nike. Details and some new info about the Breaking Dawn movie after the cut.

Basically it was an all day shoot outdoors (as I mentioned). My call was pretty late (9am), which was nice since the location was about an hour drive from my place and I haven’t had any reason to wake up early in about a month. Though some people came in from much farther, even Eugene (2.5 hrs)! Wardrobe threw us into costume in the 40 degree weather… in sandals. Brr. But it warmed up to the 60s by midday, so no big deal. Then we waited until they were ready for us.

As everyone says, acting, and especially being an extra, is a lot of waiting around. This shoot was different though because it was outdoors and pretty relaxed. We weren’t stuffed into a holding area like at studio shoots. So, I got to meet quite a few people in the acting circuit up here. Great networking, and also fun people.

As for the shoot itself, the crew had some pretty good equipment. It felt like a professional shoot, which was really exciting. There was a jib and a dolly and expensive lighting. A lot of the crew I learned were graduates from the American Institute of Art, which means the equipment might have been borrowed. I am worried about all of this because of my screenplay. If I want it to be a quality production, which I of course do, I’ll need some decent equipment. I’m still trying to figure out how to get that for cheap.

So, the basic storyline of the commercial was that Jesus told everyone he was going to walk on water, and no one was sure what to make of it. Then he comes to do it and we’re all around waiting and watching to see if he will, and cheering him on as well. He runs through the crowd in his Nikes and gives high fives, thumbs ups, and cures one guy’s paralysis then walks on water. So, I guess if you’re wearing Nikes you can walk on water… I think I’ll wait for the water to warm up before trying it out myself. The whole thing was intentionally campy and pretty hilarious. An all around good time, plus we got fed some decent chow. The other extras were so entertaining, I only had to read my book during lunch, and that was mostly just to have a restful break from everything.

If you have any questions about my day on the shoot, feel free to ask. I’m trying to remember everything, but I’m sure I’m leaving critical things, or at least interesting things, out. I emailed some of the extras who were taking pictures for some photos. If I get any back I’ll put them up.

There is one thing that I learned on the shoot that is rather relevant to me and my acting goals. I found out more details on Breaking Dawn. So, the two rumors, which have been publicized on our local news as being true, are that it’s going to start shooting the first week of November and that they’re trying to get Gus Van Sant to direct it. Which means…it’ll be in Portland! So, here’s hoping he’s down with the kids and signs on board. Though someone else said that he always tends to take his commercial shoots outside of the city and down to LA. But for this one, it’s necessary to shoot it up here because of the setting. So, even if I don’t get the part of Kate, I can definitely contend to get in as an extra!

I am a little wary of his style and the Twilight series’ style working together. But you never know. I thought Alfonso Cuarón was a curious pick for Harry Potter 3, but he did a fantastic job moving the series from happy to dark. So, we shall see.


Before I go, I want to promote my boyfriend’s show that he’s hard at work producing/editing everyday. It’s called Wanted: Adventure Host and it airs Mondays at 8pm on Comcast Sportsnet Northwest and Comcast Sportsnet California. So, if you get either of those channels, tune in! It’s really good, and I’m not just saying that. If you aren’t on the west coast, but still want to support the show, you can become a fan on Facebook at


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  1. Gus Van Sant? Really?! Seems kind of hard to imagine him going for it, but hopefully he does and it ends up in Portland.

    Comment by Matt | March 26, 2010 | Reply

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