Landing the Role of Kate

A chronicle of my actventures


Whew. This week went by in a blur. One day I was laughing at the questions on America’s Next Top Model application and devising my answers, then suddenly it’s today and I’ve got two job interviews scheduled for next week, am relooking over my lines for the web series shoot tomorrow, cleaned the bathroom thoroughly in anticipation for my sister’s visit, and started a short story for a writing contest. And I’m waiting on someone else to get in touch with me about a potential audition Sunday for a TV series and just emailed someone else for a small part in a feature film shoot tomorrow (that may or may not conflict with my evening shoot, so it could be a no go. Plus I might too young for what they’re looking for). Sunday I start my acting class. That’s really exciting. I don’t have much more to add. Just feeling busy, which is a relief from the doldrums of unemployment. The days can just blend together in a lethargic way. Now I have something to wake up for and go do!

Hope everyone’s doing well.


Oh! I finished both the acting books, so I get final reviews up when I get a chance.


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  1. yesssss! A clean bathroom!

    Comment by Rachel B. | March 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. That sounds like me – cleaning in anticipation of a visitor. :-) Good luck on all your MANY job/acting opportunities coming up!

    Comment by Ang | March 27, 2010 | Reply

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