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(Life) Unexpected…

It’s been too long. I often think about updating my blog…while on my bus ride to and from work, while showering, in that 45 minute span it takes me to get to sleep. I even have a to do list that says, “Update blog. Entries to write:” and proceeds to list 4 different entry concepts. Yet, I never seem to update.

Well, here’s the hope for a slight change in that. Today’s entry will be short, but possibly more exciting than all the other entries combined. After that I will write about the following entry concepts and will post twice a week: insight into my acting class, Acting In Film by Michael Caine: the final breakdown, Secrets to Successful Cold Readings and why this book is really made for theater and males, interview with the man who runs 2 film festivals, and where I see my future in acting going.

Also, I have been asked to guest blog for an author up in Seattle’s blog about shy writers. I’m supposed to give the extroverted and actor perspective on approaching writing (I guess. She didn’t fully specify what she wanted, but that’s what I’ve started writing it on). So, I’ll let you know when that gets posted. She has a queue, so I don’t think it’ll be right away.

Without further ado, follow the cut to find out why this entry is better than all the others! Continue reading


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Tail Between Legs

Well, with my tail between my legs, I’m forced to admit my failure. I did not go to the America’s Next Top Model open casting call. Mail in auditions were required to be postmarked by April 6th, so that’s a bust too. I’m so ashamed and feel horrible for letting you guys down. So, what happened?

Did I….

a) Wake up with H1N1

b) Rock n Roll all night and party [every]day

c) Forget to have my boyfriend take a picture of me in a bathing suit

Find out after the cut… Continue reading

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Overdue Updates (it’s a long one)

So, I did say I was busy, right? Hopefully. Anyway, the busy-ness paid off. I had a wonderful visit with my sister and… I got one of the jobs I interviewed for! Hip Hip Hooray! This of course means I will have less time to do acting. For instance, just today I had another request for me to be an extra on Friday in Leverage, but I had to turn it down because I will be at work because I have a job now (That’s still exciting for me to say having been unemployed for basically 9 months). But I will still be able to do the film in the summer because I’m only schedule for 1 day of shooting.

But wait, didn’t I have my web series shoot? And didn’t I start my acting class? Yes to both! And I loved both! So, I’m going to give you the low down on each after the cut. Continue reading

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