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A chronicle of my actventures

Tail Between Legs

Well, with my tail between my legs, I’m forced to admit my failure. I did not go to the America’s Next Top Model open casting call. Mail in auditions were required to be postmarked by April 6th, so that’s a bust too. I’m so ashamed and feel horrible for letting you guys down. So, what happened?

Did I….

a) Wake up with H1N1

b) Rock n Roll all night and party [every]day

c) Forget to have my boyfriend take a picture of me in a bathing suit

Find out after the cut…

Yeah, it’s (c). I completely forgot to have him take the photo, and it’s one of the application materials requirements. Sigh. Oh well. So, I didn’t end up going and my dreams of being a top model have fallen by the way side. Not that I could’ve actually been on the show anyway because I finally got a job and thus cannot take off 2 months to go be on a reality show that I won’t win and am not sure if I want to win anyway. And yes, if you get kicked off the show you have to stick around until it’s done shooting so no one knows ahead of time that you didn’t win. The inside scoop you learn from your reality TV show producing boyfriend…

In positive news, I’m still on for my shoot this summer in the feature film MoonPi. And I’m even shooting on a Sunday so I won’t have to take off work! More excitingly…the MoonPi trailer has been released! I’m not in it, but I’m still going to post it here. If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask. I probably won’t know how to answer them because, frankly, the plot makes zero sense to me and I’ve read the whole script.


I hope you loved it! I especially enjoy the apples on a string!



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  1. What was your part suppose to be? I am not even going to comment on the trailer.

    Comment by Mom | April 14, 2010 | Reply

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