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IFC Comes to Portland[ia]!

So, the IFC has come to Portland to shoot a show called Portlandia.  It’s a comedy with Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein and SNL’s Fred Armensin.  The full article can be seen here.

So what’s that mean for me? Work!  They are using extras from the area and I’m all signed up. Paying $140/day. Which is pretty high for this area. Leverage pays about $80. No complaints here. So, I’m going to a shoot tonight.  Only 2 hours, but it’s volunteer. But whatever. It’s very low-key.  We’re supposed to be going to a movie in the park, a very popular endeavor out here. So, I’m bringing along a friend and my boyfriend and we’ll just be chilling out. Hardly can be considered work.  I’m not sure where it’ll be used, since it’s so short, perhaps in the show open?  Anyway, if you get IFC, the show is launching in spring 2011. I’ll let you know more details so you can tune in and say, “Hey, look at that tiny blur of a person–that’s Lorena!” ;)

Have a good weekend!



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Good News, Bad News

Well… bad news first, the shoot that was slotted for this weekend is no more.  I spoke with the director to let him know I couldn’t make the production meeting because I’ll be working too late that day, and he said that they’ve run out of funding and he’s off to try and get some more. Why he’s leaving the city or even state to find funding, I’m not sure.  Regardless, he thinks the shooting will continue in October. There’s only NINE days left!  It’s sort of ridiculous. I’m not even sure who he’s paying. I guess it’s equipment rental that he can’t afford.  So, I’m don’t know what’s going to happen with that and my two lines and first death scene. In which I don’t have to die, the explosion happens off-screen and they cut back to us and we’re dead already. So, I’m not sure if that counts as a proper death scene or not.

Good news:

The webseries I’m in got picked up by a distributor! So, now I’m not only going to be available for purchase on itunes, I’m actually getting paid!  YES, PAID!  No contract yet, so I’m not sure the amount, but any payment is payment. My first paying gig! Which is ironically my first real gig.  Not bad, not bad at all.  So, I have shoots for that tentatively in September and November.

With all these going ons, I think I am going to continue acting. Just for fun, and just on the side. I am going to put together a headshot/resume site, which I’ll of course post the link to here, and then I’ll be able to easily apply for acting gigs.  Plus, in the course of ongoing chats with my boyfriend about careers and life goals and self-identity, I figured I ought to give those things a little more thought. So, I’ve decided that my life/career goal is to publish novels and short stories and all the marketing stuff that goes with it (readings and public speaking things at conferences and such–hey, dream big here, people) and then have time to do acting on the side.  Luckily I’ve sort of had writing/publishing novels as a back of the mind life goal since I was… age 8(?) or so, and have made some strides towards doing this. Which I’m going to promote here briefly despite my major drop off in readers since I quit updating. Basically I’ve gotten signed on with an online project called Eat Your Serial. Its intention is to bring serials back into popularity. The idea is really strong since our society has shorter attention spans and busier schedules–when do people read anymore? On their commute. That’s when I read (finally worked up my ability to read on the bus without feeling sick!). The rest of the time you’re working or spending time with friends and family and hoping for a tiny slice of alone time somewhere in there. So, the project will feature one chapter from a different story/author each day until that story finishes. Mine is a full-length novel, so it will be going on for 20-25 weeks (I haven’t finished writing it yet, so I’m not sure how many chapters it actually is).  It’s very exciting for me because I’ve wanted to finish this novel for forever.

Hopefully the project launches this fall in full force. They’re still looking for writers and are definitely looking for help with funding. The link for that is here if you’re interested in helping out. No pressure, I hate fundraising after being forced to sell gift wrap in kindergarten. Don’t those people know 5 year olds shouldn’t be out selling door-to-door? It’s scarring!

So, I’ll keep everyone updated on acting and will probably throw in a link when my serial launches. It’s free to read online.  My story is, briefly, an epic tale of two people drawn together who find themselves in the midst of a global war. One of them holds the key to ending the war. But their secrets begin to unravel as situations unfold, and trust begins to shatter. Will they regain each others confidence in time? And if so, what will they do with it?

Or something like that… love, lust, murder, explosions, sexy car chases, secret organizations, and unnamed enemies.  That’s really all you need to know.  Maybe I’ll even make a book trailer, those are all the rage these days.


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I’m baaaaack…

Hello hello!

So, I figured I’d check back in briefly to let you guys know I’m shooting MoonPi this month.

It’s that film I went to the weird audition for back in… March?  Forever ago. I shoot towards the end of the month and will be going to the weekly production meeting for the first time that (oops). Should be fun and I’ll put up entries about the meeting and the shoot itself.

My character is a time travel lab worker. I have 2 lines. And I get to die in an explosion.



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(Life) Unexpected…

It’s been too long. I often think about updating my blog…while on my bus ride to and from work, while showering, in that 45 minute span it takes me to get to sleep. I even have a to do list that says, “Update blog. Entries to write:” and proceeds to list 4 different entry concepts. Yet, I never seem to update.

Well, here’s the hope for a slight change in that. Today’s entry will be short, but possibly more exciting than all the other entries combined. After that I will write about the following entry concepts and will post twice a week: insight into my acting class, Acting In Film by Michael Caine: the final breakdown, Secrets to Successful Cold Readings and why this book is really made for theater and males, interview with the man who runs 2 film festivals, and where I see my future in acting going.

Also, I have been asked to guest blog for an author up in Seattle’s blog about shy writers. I’m supposed to give the extroverted and actor perspective on approaching writing (I guess. She didn’t fully specify what she wanted, but that’s what I’ve started writing it on). So, I’ll let you know when that gets posted. She has a queue, so I don’t think it’ll be right away.

Without further ado, follow the cut to find out why this entry is better than all the others! Continue reading

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Tail Between Legs

Well, with my tail between my legs, I’m forced to admit my failure. I did not go to the America’s Next Top Model open casting call. Mail in auditions were required to be postmarked by April 6th, so that’s a bust too. I’m so ashamed and feel horrible for letting you guys down. So, what happened?

Did I….

a) Wake up with H1N1

b) Rock n Roll all night and party [every]day

c) Forget to have my boyfriend take a picture of me in a bathing suit

Find out after the cut… Continue reading

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