Landing the Role of Kate

A chronicle of my actventures

Acting Website Up!

Just got my acting website finished and uploaded.


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America’s Next Top Model

So, I’ve decided to go to the open casting call for America’s Next Top Model. I don’t think I’ll make it onto the show, but if I do, the goal is to get to be in the top 6 so that I can get a free trip abroad. The top 6 almost always get to go somewhere abroad (yes, I watch the show. Not religiously, but enough). Obviously winning would be a goal, but let’s not kid ourselves here, just making it into the semi-finals of getting onto the show will be hard enough. The main problem is the height restriction. To be eligible you have to be 5’7″ or taller, which I am not. However, the nomenclature is actually as follows:

(PLEASE NOTE:  You must be AT OR ABOVE five feet and seven inches [5’7”] in height to be
eligible, although Producers reserve the right to make case-by-case exceptions.  However, the
Producers are looking for a variety of models, including plus size models.)

So, while I am not quite 5’7″, perhaps I can make it into the “case-by-case exception”. One never knows! Continue reading

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Oh, the tangled webs we weave

As with all industries, especially creative industries, networking is essential to landing work. Thankfully, I’ve already got a small push in that direction. Even though I’ve only been in Portland for a measly six months, I’ve managed to find an amazing friend, Trisha, who happens to be an actor for a living. As my only female friend here, she truly has been a lifesaver. An enthusiast of my idea, she has been 100% supportive. She even coined what I’m doing as an actventure. Now I just need to meet all her actor friends.

Also on the list is my wonderful boyfriend, Bob, sports television producer extraordinaire and owner of Green Cat Creative (website’s under construction). His storytelling abilities are exceptional and he knows plenty of people in town in TV. Which will come in handy when I finish writing my screenplay and have Bob produce it.

Screenplay? Learn more after the cut. Continue reading

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