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I decided to put together a glossary of terms that apply to the industry as I learn them throughout my research. Some are more obvious than others, but I figured I’d include them all. Keep checking back for updates if you’re interested. Here it is in alphabetical order.

action: cue for the principal actors
AFTRA: The American Federation of Television and Radio Association union
Agency: An organization that scouts, grooms, markets, and promotes actors and models with the sole purpose of booking them with their clients.
Agency Fee: Fee charged by an agency to cover their services in preparing actors for castings and bookings.
background: director’s command to start the background activity
back to one: director’s command for talent to move back to the mark they started from, or the first position of action in a scene.
Booker: Person at agency who schedules your appointments and bookings. In some markets the actor will have only one booker, while in others he or she may have two or three.
Booking: The job an actor has been hired to work from casting.
camera left: your right when facing the camera
camera right: your left when facing the camera
Call Time: Time to arrive for any audition, casting, or booking.
Casting: Appointment set up by a client to see a range of talent who are specifically desired by the client.
Cattle call: A casting in which the client requests to see anyone and everyone
Craft Services: the snacks and beverages provided throughout the day.
cross: the movement an extra makes past the camera when the scene is being filmed.
cue: a verbal or non-verbal signal to start action
Cut: cue to stop action immediately
Fitting: An appointment where the actor tries on clothes to prepare for a shoot
Flat Rate: Formula to determine is Rate – Client fee = Talent rate
Full Length shot: A photograph that shows the entire body from head to toe
go-see: When you meet a client in person before they make a hiring decision
Groomer: A person on the set whose sole responsibility is to apply make-up and style hair for men and/or children
Hair/Make-up Artist: A person on the set whose sole responsiblity is to apply your make-up and style your hair for the shoot. This person may prepare both men and women or just women.
Having had: coming to the set having already eaten
Headshot: An 8×10 shot taken looking directly into the camera, stapled to the resume, and used for marketing purposes
Holding area: Waiting room
Location: Where you report for a confirmed booking
lock-up: director’s command for the crew to get ready for filming
mark: a pre-determined place you should be or proceed to when the action begins
quiet on the set: director’s command for silence
Report Time: See “Call Time”
rolling: director’s command to activate the camera
SAG: Screen Actors Guild union
Set: Actual location where your booking is to be shot, and usually refers to an indoor studio
Sides: copies of the script
Slate: a name introduction to the camera
speed: director’s command to coordinate the sound
“Taft Hartley”
: A waiver to work on a union project without having to join the union
Tearsheet: the published form of your booking
Three-quarter Shot: A photo showing from the head to the mid-thigh
Wardrobe: The specific clothing, shoes, and accessories requested by a client. These may or may not be provided by the client.
Wrap: director’s command that shooting is over

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