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IFC Comes to Portland[ia]!

So, the IFC has come to Portland to shoot a show called Portlandia.  It’s a comedy with Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein and SNL’s Fred Armensin.  The full article can be seen here.

So what’s that mean for me? Work!  They are using extras from the area and I’m all signed up. Paying $140/day. Which is pretty high for this area. Leverage pays about $80. No complaints here. So, I’m going to a shoot tonight.  Only 2 hours, but it’s volunteer. But whatever. It’s very low-key.  We’re supposed to be going to a movie in the park, a very popular endeavor out here. So, I’m bringing along a friend and my boyfriend and we’ll just be chilling out. Hardly can be considered work.  I’m not sure where it’ll be used, since it’s so short, perhaps in the show open?  Anyway, if you get IFC, the show is launching in spring 2011. I’ll let you know more details so you can tune in and say, “Hey, look at that tiny blur of a person–that’s Lorena!” ;)

Have a good weekend!



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Jesus High Fived Me

Well, I had my first official shoot yesterday. It was a lot of fun! You may be wondering how this could be since the web series shoots this coming Friday. Well, it was for a commercial! A last minute need for extras and I said, “Why not?” So, there I went off to a gorgeous day of standing around outside on a river bank in Biblical era dress. It was actually a spec commercial, not a real one, so it won’t ever air. The production crew is hoping to book commercials, so they’re making a spec reel of ads for various companies. This one was of Nike. Details and some new info about the Breaking Dawn movie after the cut. Continue reading

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At least it’s working

I got my first offer from! Well, sort of. Basically the site works where you get on the database, casting directors look through the database or indicate what type they are looking for, and if you’re identified as someone who fits the bill, ExtrasOnly shoots you a message (well, 2 texts and an email in my case) asking if you’re available. This doesn’t mean you’ll get cast, just wondering if you’re available for the date. If you say yes, then you are eligible to be cast, but you still might not get the gig.

Anyway, they asked me if I was available for a Fred Meyer commercial (Fred Meyer is a grocery store), which would’ve been fun, but unfortunately they were shooting on 1/31 and I am still not back in Portland. It was disappointing, especially since I think it may have been at the one near my house (it’s a really big/new store). Oh well.

So why have I been out of commission for forever in blogger world? Find out after the cut.

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Glamour isn’t showbiz, baby, it’s a magazine

I think I’ve finally figured out why Trisha is so enthusiastic about my actventures, which most people simply laugh at when I talk about them. We were reading through the different films I’d found on craigslist to audition for, and one of them (I won’t say which one) was a bit odd of an ad. The director kept trying to defend the fact he wasn’t going to compensate anyone (besides food and credit, of course). You listed your film on craigslist, man, of course no one is expecting pay. If we expected pay we’d be only searching or going through an agency. Everyone has to start somewhere, and usually that place doesn’t involve pay.

Trisha groaned and rolled her eyes when reading the ad. Find out why after the cut. Continue reading

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With 5 Minutes to Spare

Went to Trisha’s last night for our big rendezvous. I got there around 9pm and she poured me some freshly pressed tea and said, “By midnight, you’re going to be an actor.”

Trisha went all out for me. I’m giving her a standing ovation. Basically she thought to herself, “What does Lorena need to achieve her goal in the quickest way possible?” then assembled a folder full of information for me to use to do just that. We’ve all thought it: where do you even begin with something like this? Well, now I have a folder that I will share with all of you.

So, what’s in the folder? Where is my finished resume? Where are these elusive headshots? Find out all that and more after the cut. Continue reading

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