Landing the Role of Kate

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Kate is Cast, and I’m not it

Well, the role of Kate has officially been cast. Casey LaBow will be playing the character for Breaking Dawn I&II.  Admittedly she looks much more like the described character than I do, but to be fair to my aspirations, the character of Jessica Stanley is described as completely different looking than is portrayed by actress Anna Kendrick.  Laurent’s character is even further from looking as described in the book, and etc.

Hopefully she will rock the role! I am excited for the film to come out, even though it’s going to be happening all the way in fall 2011! That’s forever away.  I’ve never heard of her, but I did some research. Looks like she’s not done too much. Started acting, well at least in a big enough piece to be marked down, in 2005. Her most notable appearances seem to be 3 episodes on CSI, and what’s coming up in the news the most is that she’s dating (or started dating) Ryan Gosling. Of course, now that she’s part of the Twilight franchise, I’m sure her descriptor will become “played the role of Denali sister Kate in the fourth installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn”, not that she’s dated Gosling. C’est la vie.

The rest of the Denali clan has also been cast. Tanya will be played by MyAnna Buring and Irinia by Mia Maestro.  I think Mia Maestro looks more like the Kate I envisioned than LaBow does, but oh well. I’m not the CD, am I? Heh. The full(er) article can be found <a href=””>here</a&gt;. Though I’m not sure why they say Tanya is Bella’s rival, there’s really not any tension there at all in the story. Water under the Sol Duc River bridge and all.

So, that’s that. End of quest.  It’s been great though, it really has. I know I’ve been into all that already when I announced that I was going to quit actively pursuing this role, but I am really glad that I embarked on this fun journey and I’m glad to have been able to share it with my (at one time many) readers.



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Tail Between Legs

Well, with my tail between my legs, I’m forced to admit my failure. I did not go to the America’s Next Top Model open casting call. Mail in auditions were required to be postmarked by April 6th, so that’s a bust too. I’m so ashamed and feel horrible for letting you guys down. So, what happened?

Did I….

a) Wake up with H1N1

b) Rock n Roll all night and party [every]day

c) Forget to have my boyfriend take a picture of me in a bathing suit

Find out after the cut… Continue reading

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And… We’re Back!

What a hiatus! Sorry about that. I’m finally back home to the overcast PacNW. It’s fabulous. Best weather in the world. And I’m not being sarcastic.

So, with my return comes unemployment, which means lots of free time. Instead of wallowing about, I’m taking full advantage. Free time = freelancing. My creative writing has been revisited, including my script. I’m also tapping back into my travel writing. But what am I droning on about? Free time also equals an open schedule for acting! I’m back on the prowl for features, shorts, commercials, and even modeling. So what’s opening up for me? Find out after the cut. Continue reading

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At least it’s working

I got my first offer from! Well, sort of. Basically the site works where you get on the database, casting directors look through the database or indicate what type they are looking for, and if you’re identified as someone who fits the bill, ExtrasOnly shoots you a message (well, 2 texts and an email in my case) asking if you’re available. This doesn’t mean you’ll get cast, just wondering if you’re available for the date. If you say yes, then you are eligible to be cast, but you still might not get the gig.

Anyway, they asked me if I was available for a Fred Meyer commercial (Fred Meyer is a grocery store), which would’ve been fun, but unfortunately they were shooting on 1/31 and I am still not back in Portland. It was disappointing, especially since I think it may have been at the one near my house (it’s a really big/new store). Oh well.

So why have I been out of commission for forever in blogger world? Find out after the cut.

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Acting in Film: Breaking It Down Part 2

As mentioned in part 1 of the series, I’m going to give chapter-by-chapter reviews of the acting books that Trisha gave me to read. I was going to skip ahead to the one about cold readings, but since I’m on audition hiatus at the moment, I’m continuing on with Michael Caine’s book.

So, here is part 2 of the Michael Caine’s Acting in Film: An Actor’s Take on Movie Making breaking it down* series. I’m covering chapter 2 today. Read about it after the cut. Continue reading

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